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opinion "I always follow the minority! "   The human (and animal) brain implements quantum computation for that it was shaped through evolutionary processes within a microscopic world where quantum physics applies and is efficient 27/11/2020 02h12

opinion "I always follow the minority! "   Augmented humans vs. conscious AI: as humans may benefit from brain implants and AI cortical extensions, AI will benefit from the conscious properties of biological brains. 27/11/2020 01h41

opinion "I always follow the minority! "   Technological singularity : Stephen Hawking recently evoked the hypothesis that robots could end the humanity. What could we expect if artificial intelligence outperforms human intelligence? 27/11/2020 00h19

opinion "I always follow the minority! "   Asteroids: with the increasing detection of asteroids near the earth orbit, it will happen that some fall on the moon and provoke a spectacular view from the earth. 27/09/2020 02h07

opinion "I always follow the minority! "   KIC 8462852 will provide the first evidence of an alien life 27/09/2020 01h05

opinion "I always follow the minority! "   Signs of alien life will be found by detecting non-random electromagnetic signals 27/09/2020 00h44

opinion "I always follow the minority! "   New frontiers: when will the first human consciousness make a travel into a non biological substratum (i.e. artificial neural networks, computers, or quantum computers)? 26/09/2020 00h28

opinion "I always follow the minority! "   Singularities: Among these potential major changes which one will occur the first? 28/08/2020 01h09

opinion "I always follow the minority! "   New futurology will be based on "panoptic" multiple hypothesis sets rather than on unique and isolated predictions on the future 28/07/2020 01h17

opinion "I always follow the minority! "   Artificial intelligence: the development of AI decision and the possibility given to AIs to hold properties will lead to the dispossession by humans of any forms of belongings 28/01/2020 00h10

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