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opinion "I always follow the minority! "   New futurology will be based on "panoptic" multiple hypothesis sets rather than on unique and isolated predictions on the future 28/07/2020 01h17

opinion "I always follow the minority! "   Artificial intelligence: the development of AI decision and the possibility given to AIs to hold properties will lead to the dispossession by humans of any forms of belongings 28/01/2020 00h10

opinion "I always follow the minority! "   Global warming and technological singularity theory : global warming threats will be significantly reduced by the use of artificial intelligence allowing to overcome Human's limited capability to find successful solutions? 20/01/2020 01h15

opinion "I always follow the minority! "   To emerge the phenomenon of consciousness relies on quantum physics specifically, i.e. theories that do not involve quantum phenomenon cannot account for all mind-matter relationships. 29/12/2019 00h41

opinion "I always follow the minority! "   Cryogenic conservation of tissues: Radiofrequency inductive heating of iron nanoparticles may allow tissue warming without damage, a step toward cryogenic sleep 25/02/2019 00h57

opinion "I always follow the minority! "   Computer sciences will be able to conceive an artificial intelligence that has a IQ above 200? 20/11/2018 00h30

opinion "I always follow the minority! "   What will be the most ancient fossils of hominid that will be discovered in the future? 02/10/2018 00h00

opinion "I always follow the minority! "   Virtual psychiatrists will be designed to assess and educate chronic mental disordered patients. These virtual clinicians may be preferred by patients with complex social cognitive disorders. 28/08/2018 01h33

opinion "I always follow the minority! "   The multiverse (meta-universes) theories will gain support among cosmologists in the future as it is still debated. 27/09/2017 00h11

opinion "I always follow the minority! "   Connecting two persons with a bidirectional neural connection (direct mapping of an area's activity) could allow a direct subjective investigation of phenomenal and access consciousness. 02/09/2017 02h37

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