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analytical avoidance become behavior benefit choice complotism conformism consequences consider could covid covid19 cultural darwinian disease effect evolutionary face from generate help humans information intelligence later lower make ones over pandemic patients people positive provide psychological risk selecting selection skills social solutions successful theory these this vaccination virus vote which

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opinion "My opinion is that of the majority! "   Third of Bank Jobs May Disappear in Next Five Years 29/08/2022 00h02

opinion "My opinion is that of the majority! "   According to Penrose, Daniel An and Krzysztof Meissner, ghosts of black holes from other universes can be observed in the cosmic microwave background (CMB). 29/07/2022 00h02

opinion "My opinion is that of the majority! "   Covid19 : Is Nitazoxamide the solution to covid19 pandemy as it will reduce letality ? 28/11/2021 05h59

opinion "My opinion is that of the majority! "   #Covid19 : Brazillian variant P1 will create a fourth pandemic wave in France 28/11/2021 03h52

opinion "My opinion is that of the majority! "   Covid-19 : which antiviral medication could be the best choice to lower viral levels? 28/11/2021 01h58

opinion "My opinion is that of the majority! "   Covid-19 : what will be the solution to the covid-19 epidemy ? 28/11/2021 01h10

opinion "My opinion is that of the majority! "   Religions: religious beliefs are often associated with a high degree of anthropocentrism. Which discipline will provide the first proof against human-centered view of the world, and consequently religions? 03/10/2021 00h48

opinion "My opinion is that of the majority! "   Covid 19 : progressive vaccination of the population in France, starting with at-risk people will result in... 29/08/2021 01h15

opinion "My opinion is that of the majority! "   Upgraded reality hypothesis: with new technologies new kind of psychotherapists should be trained to work on reality modification rather than cognition reshaping 29/07/2021 00h41

opinion "My opinion is that of the majority! "   Upgraded reality: augmented reality is only a step toward what I call upgraded reality, in which people live through separate customised realities with their own sets of perception-modifying devices 29/07/2021 00h09

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1. #Covid19 : What will be the last hashtag associated with this pandemy ? 309 day(s)

2. #covid19 : covid19 will generate a darwinian positive selection pressure over humans, selecting some psychological traits. Which ones ? 339 day(s)

3. Voynich: The Voynich manuscript secret will be uncovered. The source language is: 497 day(s)

4. Hypersleep cultural and societal consequences: repeated hypersleep will allow humans living different realities through self-paced awaken/sleeping rhythms 553 day(s)

5. Brain function metaphors: A promising way to model information processing occurring in mammal cortex will be to consider "cognitive textures" ? 583 day(s)

6. EmDrive thruster: propulsion systems that don’t need propellant as the EmDrive (electromagnetic drive) is possible 949 day(s)

7. Ray Kurzweil predicts that by the 2030s, nanotechnology will eliminate disease 2288 day(s)

8. The answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything will be : 27857 day(s)

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